IETT Metrobus
Refund Machines

 The money withdrawn from AKBIL account in metrobus is 2,95 TL, regardless of the bus stop passenger gets off. According to new charges, a passenger who gets off the bus after 6 stops should pay 2,40 TL. Nevertheless, the amount withdrawn from AKBIL account is 2,95 TL in the first instance. For that reason, please do not forget to use the refund machined after getting off.

Accordingly, the prices are as follows:

1-3 stops 1,60 TL

4-9 stops 2,40 TL,

10-15 stops 2,50 TL,

16-21 stops 2,60 TL,

22- stops 2,70 TL,

28-33 stops 2,80 TL,

34-39 stops 2,90 TL,

40 and over stops 2,95 TL.


IETT Metrobus