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Metrobus Fee Tariff for Students

Metrobus Fee Tariff for Students 

Stops 1-3 4-9 10-15 16-21 22-27 28-33 34-39 40+
Student Card 0,85 TL 1,00 TL 1,00 TL 1,00 TL 1,00 TL 1,00 TL 1,00 TL 1,00 TL

Student Card

It is a discount card for students registered in domestic or North Cyprus Turkish Republic educational institutions, students registered in formal educational institutions according to the act 5580, paragraph 2, articles C, D and E, and students registered according to the Higher Education act 2547.  

Card’s price is 10 TL for all students


For the renewal of the card, whatever the reason of renewal is (under the condition of presenting the old card), 10 TL is charged. For the first renewal because of a stolen/lost card  10 TL, for the second and third 20 TL, and for the fourth 40 TL is charged.


Visa price is 5 TL. Unlawful use charge is worth a monthly deposit of Student Card. Monthly deposit price is 200 TL.


Electronic cards can be used for 2 years.


In the case of stolen/lost card, you should call our call center 4441871 and cancel your card. Otherwise, you can be charged with unlawful use fee in case that your card is used by others.


If there is banderol valid for the current year in which the card is given, student card can be renewed with the card fee. In this case, there is no need to present student certificate. 


 Can open high school students get Student Card?


Students registered in informal educational institutions (Training Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Driving School, etc.) cannot get Student Card.





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