IETT Metrobus
Command and Control Center

  Command and Control Center is the center where the Metrobus flow is being watched and controlled. Built in Kağıthane garage in order to activate the vehicle tracking, fleet management ve passenger information systems, Metrobus Command and Control Center is effectively at work since July 2007.

The Benefits of Command and Control Center

-          It allows to observe the whole line and all the vehicles in the line simultaneously.

-          It is an effective center that makes easier to manage during a time of crisis.

-          In case of a breakdown or malfunction, it allows to balance the whole line.

-          It is possible to communicate with the vehicles in the line and send them messages before arriving at stations.

-          In the fieldwork management the chief can only observe the point where he stands and efforts to solve the problem only at that point. However, in the Command and Control Center chief can see the whole line and generate strategies which can solve the problem at any point.

-          By making information announcements in the stations, passengers waiting in the stations can be guided.


IETT Metrobus